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Some of you know what a big ARG nerd I am. Well, I've been following the nascent campaign surrounding JJA's upcoming alien flick, "Super 8".

Weeks ago we players found an in-game newspaper ad/coupon for "Rocket Poppeteers", an astronaut club surrounding an imaginary brand of Rocket Pops desserts, and we all sent them to the address, along with our desired "astronaut name".

Today, the long awaited reply came.

Interestingly when I sent my astronaut name in it was "SGT. Starborn" (I couldn't fit the whole thing.) My letter (hand addressed) came back to "Sergeant Starborn". If these are meant to be log ins, I wonder which I'll have to use?

Also, sergeant being spelled correctly (as opposed to someone else who got their letter misspelled, when they had spelled it correctly) and the vastly different handwriting proves that multiple abused Paramount interns had to work on this project!

Hoping the arrival of these letters kicks off some interesting in-game interaction

Click for larger


ETA: Well, it turns out it did use it as a login, and it was as confusing as I predicted. SGT. allcaps with period.
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Twins are always better, right? :D

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LOST is over...

Its gonna have to wait a while til we have any coherent thoughts about it.
(However I would say they did right by Ben -Mordax)
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Ben is my favorite character on LOST but I never felt more connected to him than at this moment in that penultimate episode. Mild mannered school-teacher Ben has just received a jolt of the memories of his past self/alternate life, and is left reeling, trying to make sense of it. He saw a different man- who he'd be in different circumstances; who he HAD been; darker- cunning ruthless; and is trying to reconcile it with himself. Trying to decide what it means if he believes it. He looks at his face in the mirror, trying to see himself in it.

I've been there.

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As the series is ending, LOST is getting more and more kin-relevant.


Apr. 8th, 2010 06:52 pm
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This season of LOST really pushes my 'kin buttons, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone watching. Es specially the Desmond plot. :)

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...driven me to drink.

I needed a large dose of hard alchohol after seeing the most recent episode 'Dr. Linus'.

You know, I always surprise myself; I talk up how 'evil' I am, and I don't expect many people to really believe me,. But at the end of the day there is a huge, dominant part of me, that really, honestly is repulsed and confused by the very concept of 'good' or 'altruism'.

-(a rather drunken) Mordax

Oh no way

Dec. 27th, 2009 02:11 pm
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There are only TWO fucking episodes of Lost s5 with audio commentary?! That is a ripoff! That is balls! I feel cheated!

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I believe that the "new" alternate tiimeline I'm predicting we'll see in s6 is the ORIGINAL timeline, and the one seen in s1-5 is the result of actions taken in that timeline.
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So, I pretty much swore I'd never do one of these again, but it looks like I lied. (who cares?) I'm trying my hand at bettering the LOST mary-sue community. Its mostly because I'm not very happy where the real Lost is going at the moment.

Summary: Ben and Charles are playing a game that may be the longest con of all. When Widmore’s other daughter crashes with 815 will she become a pawn in their game, or is she destined for a much greater role? (AU no time travel Ben/OC??? Sawyer/OC???)

Read the first chapter here


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