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So you've got your character's right? And for some reason the capricious winds of fate have yanked them from their lives, and put them in another world. Their memories dormant, their powers sealed, their bodies totally unlike what they were before. Then, they start to remember who they were, and connect with one another.

Wait a minute, that sounds kinda familiar, don't it?
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YOUR FACE is a half-assed apology.

Sorry, just had to get that out.

Con report tomorrow.
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Shiloh: Hey, I don't want to sound rude but I think your avatar is a bit offensive and inappropriate for the younger kids on this site. As a mod, you're looking out for the site's best interests, and allowing kids to see that doesn't seem right.
Just my opinion though, you can ignore it if you want, you;re the mod. I'm just saying what I think, no harsh feelings. I just have younger siblings on this site and I'd rather they not see that.

Me: I'm sorry you don't like the image in my avatar. However, everyone on the site is required to be 13 years or older, and the owner of the site gave her stamp of approval on my bikini avatars quite some time ago. It's really not more than someone would see in a clothing catalog.

Shiloh:True, but the fact that the avatar looks lesbian could offend people. As I said before, if you're allowed to have it, fine, you're allowed to have it, doesn't mean people like it.

Me: I've actually gotten many complements from people who find my avatars (which are a man's head on a woman's body) quite humorous. Again, I'm sorry you find it offensive, however, as a non-heterosexual, I'm rather offended by your comment that people might not like it because it 'looks like a lesbian'.

Shiloh: Heterosexual or not, someone who is homosexual might find it offensive. Other than that, I'm not sure I have anything more to say on the matter, if you understand where I'm coming from, there shouldn't be any resentment on either side.

The Tag in Question.

ETA: http://overlord-mordax.livejournal.com/137990.html episode 1 for the unenlightened.
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This mod thing is pretty sweet.

eta: Oops, forgot to sign!

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Dude... according to ED I'm the 'baroness of otakukin'. When did this happen?

On they other hand they say I don't like Neo, which is patently untrue. Someone want to edit that for me? (leave the baroness bit! XD)



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