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Because there aren't enough hours in the day, or days in the week to get what we want/need to get done.

Here's what we (barely) manage to get done every week, aside from miscellany: Work job (biggest time sink aside from sleep). Spend night at boyfriend's house. Hang out with best friend. Hang out with other best friend. Play Wajas. Play weekly D&D game. Update Livejournal. Draw personal Art. Participate in ongoing ARG. Get in some reading before bed.

And we'd like to add: 2nd weekly Tabletop RP game. Play World of Warcraft. Draw art project art. Draw Webcomic. Participate in Play by Post RP.

Not to mention the things we'd do but can't find a place to jam in and so have cut out almost entirely: watch TV and Play Video Games.

Oh, and "get a good night's sleep".

And these are only the things we're including because they've got a hope of making it onto the list. There's a whole host of others, if only there was more time.

We just don't have the time to give more than a handful of these things they time they need/deserve, but none of us are willing to give up our pet  projects for the sake of anyone else's.

Oh, and not to mention our parents  get mad at me when we don't spend sufficiently "quality time" at home or doing things with them.
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This is the most ball out awesome AMV I have seen in a LOOOONG time. The music, the syncing, the pace, the clips, everything about this screams FUUUUCK YEAAAAH! to me.

This baby needs more views. See to it, peeps.

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A long time ago I was one of the main authors in a shared fanfiction universe for the Matrix.

I left my characters in a really dire situation when I quit, and its haunted me for quite some time.

I finally went back, and gave them an ending.



Ooh, ohh! Now I can say it! THIS Vincent!


ETA: *facepalm* I accidentally uploaded it onto the wrong account initially,. *sigh* I'm an idiot.

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I am so, so tired of my parents telling us we should wear skirts and dress as a woman. This may be a female body, but there are almost NO women in it. David is explicitly, absolutely a man (albeit not the most manly man), I, Mordax, have no gender, leaning towards presenting as male; plus the cavalcade of occasional male headmates we’ve got.

I’ve got plenty of neuroses, dad, you don’t have to say that not wanting to wear women’s clothes is one of them.

My anger at this is exacerbated by the fact that I’ve been feeling a lot more masculine than neuter lately; possibly as a combined result of co-presence with Vincent for the last week, and all the Warhammer 40k and Gurren Lagann we’ve been consuming.

I think what it comes down to is this, I, and the rest of us, consider this BODY to be at fault, when it comes to gender/sex, and DON’T appreciate anyone trying to force us to accommodate the body for the sake of “social propriety”.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here; I have the least respect for women of anyone in this system. The culture I was originally raised in was extremely patriarchal and male-centric. Women were lovely flowers, and good mothers who should be seen, not heard. My time growing up again in American in the 20th century now, has helped alleviate some of those feelings, but still, being told to wear a dress to me, is akin to being told to put on chains and grovel.

Now, David and Vin have very different feelings when it comes to women (from me, and from each other) but neither of them wants to be put in a dress for a number of reasons, the first of which on the list is, THEY’RE MEN.

Now, I can’t explain any of this to my parents, and wouldn’t expect them to understand or accept it either, but it pisses me the fuck off. We are not going to dress to accommodate your world view; we are going to dress to accommodate ourselves, which is enough of a challenge with our varying tastes, thank you much.

(and crew)
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Fucking A every single person I have ever met needs to hear this badass song. Just try to tell me it doesn't send you in some kind of fucking religious seizure and make you wanna pick up sword and a pair of shades and leap out into the night.

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Flipcam. Stupid cameras for stupid people.

Seriously, why does this company seem to insist on buying the most useless, user-patronizing technology available?

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This mod thing is pretty sweet.

eta: Oops, forgot to sign!

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Holy fishcakes that boy is annoying to talk to. Please tell me you all are dating him because he's super hot or something. Really David, I know Mordax has terrible taste, but how do you put up with him?

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Wow, there is a surprising lack of decent iconnage in this journal.

Hi, I'm Vincent (NOT that Vincent- whichever one you're thinking of) and I and a few others will probably be making use of this space in the days to come. I hope we can get along, be friends, etc.

If you're looking for Mordax I'm going to say that she's.... ...not up to fronting right now, and hope that you all get that I mean she's pretty much catatonic. David is fine, and should be around with the rest of us.

Sorry if this causes any distress/confusion. Any questions you have can be directed to me personally, if you like.


(NOT that Vincent, really, stop thinking of him, he's not the only one with the name)


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