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Willow's an old fancharacter/Mary-Sue of mine, and still one of my favorites. She originated on a loooong car ride when I was about 14/15, and accumulated personality, backstory, and (much to my chagrin) an incestuous relationship along the way.

Willow is the daughter of Lillian Kintobor (sister of Julian and Colin). Lilly ran off with a Mobian Raccoon man, much to her family’s displeasure, and Willow was the inevitable result. Shortly after Willow’s birth her mother succumbed to a Mobian illness she had no immunity to, and the father, not wishing to BE a father, especially of such a half-breed, sent her to the capital to be raised by uncle Julian.

An angry genius, even at 8 years old, Willow was pissed when her Uncle and cousin Snively didn’t include her in their plans of world domination. Out of spite she fled, and rescued the next person in line for the Roboticizer on her way out. Young Calico, the albino fox, had just witnessed the transformation of her elder brother, and only family member, and went mad, unable to accept and mesh with reality any longer. Fortunately for Willow, Cali was good with a wrench, something the half-mobian just wasn’t cut out for, and together they built a secret base under the burgeoning Robotropolis, running occasional raids against Robotnik. Willow’s eventual goal was to take over Robotropolis for herself.

Willow, like other members of her family, is both a genius, and totally insane (and also a fat red-head XD). She’s vain, ruthless, aggressive, selfish, and quite often rather foolhardy. She’s extremely lazy and tends to get very drunk in response to stress, or boredom. That said, she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to programming and computer, and especially to bio-engineering, her specialty, though she rarely gets to practice. She entered the field hoping to be able to get rid of her mobian features, which she detests, and wishes she was pure overlander. When it comes to mechanical engineering however, she’s pretty much lost, which is why she keeps Calico around, to do what she considers “the grunt work”.

Growing up in near isolation with her crazed roommate, Willow developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with the only other person she saw on a recurring basis, her cousin Snively. The two engaged in a protracted battle of the wits over the years, Willow attempting to get through his security, and him attempting to turn it back on her. Snively knows where her underground base is located, but has never given it up to their Uncle, since he occasionally used it as his own hidey-hole when things got too unpleasant. Calico is too mad to really wonder about this strange enemy/roommate relationship. The relationship took a turn for the disgusting when Willow hit her late teen years. To call what they became “lovers” is much too charitable. Sex and “romance” for them is just as much a game of dominance and one-upsmanship as their battle over security. However, they do care for one another, in an extremely twisted way.

Willow’s timeline parts ways with the official Archie Comics back when the Overlanders’ ship had crashed in Robotropolis, and the disease was turning them into motionless metal. Willow, having discovered what was happening created an inoculation, and Snively took this, rather than becoming voluntarily robotisized and “moved in” officially with Willow and Cali.

The ultimate goal is still to take over the world.

Alan Wake

Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:42 am
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Two weeks ago I played a game called Alan Wake that had pretty much just come out. I've spent the last weeks kinda chewing it over in my mind and deciding what to say about it.

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that I wasn't one of those people who'd been following the game's development for years. I'd probably heard about it somewhere along the line, but it wasn't on my radar until Yahtzee ripped the game a new on on Zero Punctuation. Wading through all of his vitriol, it actually seemed like a game I'd like, so I wend and looked up some info about it. It became clear that I NEEDED that game. I had it that evening.

I don't usually play games in one sitting. Alan Wake I powered through in 2 days in which I did 2 things; play Alan Wake and sleep.

There was nothing about the game that didn't utterly entrance me. Unlike Silent Hill, it didn't utterly terrify me, but the atmosphere was suffused with this creepy *weirdness* that I just thoroughly enjoyed. Yahtzee was right about one thing; the game really does preform pretty vigorous fellatio on Stephen King. But I *liked that*. XD Probably because King is probably my most admired author.

The recaps that Yahtzee had a problem with are because the game is deliberately structured as a TV miniseries; it hits the notes exactly rigtht. Its like you're watching it on the Sci-Fi network. (Since its a miniseries, not a made for TV movie, this is meant as a compliment.)

Yes, the game is linear, and I understand how that disappoints people who'd been following the development and looked forward to it as a sandbox game. However, it *works* in its linearity. Not only does it help the narrative stay coherent and tight, but it also means no wandering around for three hours trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing to progress. I SUCK at video games (especially ones involving shooting) and I didn't once have to consult an FAQ on how to continue.

They managed to make the gunplay fun and intuitive to me, which means any veteran FPS player will probably find it childishly simple, but I don't care, because I found it so refreshingly fun to play. Yeah, I still died quite a few times, on the easiest setting, but never so many times in one spot that I got pissed off or wanted to stop playing.

The story however, is the real gem. I can't say too much about it without spoiling it, but it's pitch-perfect. It's extremely meta and mind-screwy. And awesome. I mean seriously, you play as a writer in a nightmare little Maine town, finding manuscript pages that you don't remember writing, that describe what's happening to you. And it GETS WEIRDER. Even if the gameplay sucked (which it doesn't) I would recommend this to any fan of the genre, (or any fan of writing) simply on merit of the story alone.

Speaking of things I would recommend Alan Wake soley on the merits of; the soundtrack. Seriously. Talk about pitch perfect.

Look... just. Just play this game, okay? Or watch a let's play, or something. I'm serious. Its like 15 hours if you suck at it. That's not a waste, that's an *investment*.


PS: Oh, and if you're one of those people who won't play a game unless its graphics give you a blow job, THIS GAME'S GRAPHICS GAVE ME A BLOW JOB, OKAY? Just PLAY IT.

E3 so far

Jun. 16th, 2010 03:31 pm
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The new Zelda game.. I am super-hyped for that. It is stunning. :D

Really looking forward to the Silent Hill announcement later today.

What are you guys hyped about re: E3?

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Quilava M 16 Mild Afrit
Flaaffy F 16 Hardy Lil Zeus
Gastly M 16 Rash Jasper
Wooper F 15 Lax Whoopdie
Hoppip M 15 Bashful Delion
Spearow F 16 Hasty Starling

Just out of Ilex Forest.
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PORTAL SEQUAL! *jumps up and down*
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Bunny has been playing Robot Unicorn Attack but Bunny is not very good at it. It is very pretty and neat and makes Bunny want to watch Rainbow Brite. But Mordax says rainbow Brite will make Mordax ill. So Bunny will draw instead.

-Bunny ♥ &heartsl
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has a freaking Badass pokedex entry.

"In total darkness, where nothing is visible, Haunter lurks, silently stalking its next victim. "


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Update of an old pic I did when I was just starting drawing.

The Happy Mask Man from Zelda- even the face he shows isn't real.

DeDraMo 11. Pencil, photoshop. 1 1/2 hours.

Who is that Happy Mask Man by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART

For comparison- the original. Drawn in 2003.

The Happy Mask Man by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART
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DeDraMo 9 (catch up from yesterday to come later.)

Having just finished Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, I needed to draw some father-daughter tenderness.

Pencil, pen, photoshop. 2 hours.

Silent Hill:SM I Need Love by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART

EDIT: DeDraMo 10 catchup

Here's James Sudnerland. I love James. He looks like someone's following him! That can't be good!

Pencil, photoshop. 1 hour.

SH2: Anxious James by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART
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Story: The story is amazing. If you enjoyed the stories is the first 3 Silent Hills, this game will be a joy to you. It has a tight narrative, well acted and superbly paced. The game play and story fit together like a glove. The use of the psychology tests to tailor the details of the story to the specific player are used masterfully, and fit easily within the whole narrative. The characters are all compelling and multi-layered. A fantastic tale for any medium, this game should be played by anyone who is a fan of psychological thrillers.

Game Play: The game play is composed of three "modes" or sequence types. The first type is the wandering type. You search around the town, solve puzzles, take pictures, and interact with various other characters. This is the mode that most advances the plot, and in my opinion, the most fun to play. You get to have a lot of interaction, and just being able to passively observe all the details in the environments is a lot of fun. The puzzles are challenging, but not aggravating, and unlike some prior SHs none of them require strange out of game knowledge to complete without a guide. The atmosphere during these is somber, and moody, and more than a little spooky.

The second type are the Psychiatrist's office where you interact with a doctor, who puts the events of the game in a very psychological light, and presents you with psych tests in order to judge what kind of a person you are, and what to throw out at you in the game. These sections are really intriguing, and add a lot to the story. They're also a little bit disorienting, as you are thrown out of the action and onto the couch; however, this is clearly intentional, and serves to punctuate the events of the game.

The third type are the "nightmare chase" sequences. This is where you drop everything, and run away from unkillable monsters. It's intense, and panicky, and more than a little frustrating, especially if you don't have a good sense of direction as the paths are very twisting, and non-linear.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are surprisingly beautiful and detailed. I found it a shame that some much of the world had to be run through at high speed, because I spent a lot of time in the wandering sequences just enjoying all of the gorgeous detail in the environments. The snow and ice were especially pretty and actually looked real. The flashlight similarly shed light in a realistic manner and threw neat shadows all over the place. The character model's were very good, although Harry's face seemed just a touch rubbery (especially without glasses on).

The wii controls are... a mixed bag, from my point of view. On the one hand, controlling the flashlight was a joy. Using it to *steer* however, was not, and I found myself running in all directions, and at a disadvantage because of my shaky hands. It was also hard to turn during the chase sequences. Shaking off monsters worked really well, although it was tiring; it was difficult at first, but after I got the hang of it simulating shaking off monsters with the wiimote was really very immersive. Likewise I found the cellphone menu to be well implemented and easy to use.

Music and Sound: While not quite as fantastic as the music in previous Silent Hill games, it's still *really good*. It fit the mood well, and was used in a minimalist way that fit the tone of each scene. I quite like the soundtrack, although mostly the vocal tracks.

Overall: The game is a fine example of the series. While the lack of combat is a huge thing to adapt to, the system fits the game. In fact, all of the elements really gel into one great experience. The game is short, but extremely well paced, and has immense replay value because of the psych profile system and multiple endings. If you are a fan of horror, play this game!
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It is snowing like crazy here. How appropriate.

My muscles are sore from all the wiimote action. XD

Full, spoiler free review coming this evening.
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I refuse to spoiler anyone for it. PLAY THIS GAME.
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Harry's doc needs his license revoked for being a serious asshole.

<lj-cut text="we're in the..." Mall now, a couple of chase scenes later. Still dying, but its less fursterateing now that I have the hang of it. I feel just as disoriented as harry to the plot though. Oh, and Cybil thinks I killed Lisa. O_O
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Finally got through the 2nd chase sequence. Looking back, it was fun, although MASSIVELY frustrating the first 20 or so times I died. Finally made it to a check point (and puzzle) which gave me back my encouragement to keep playing.

I'm out of the chase now, standing on a bridge.

So far, I am liking the game, though I'm barely into it. Its neat to see the psych stuff play out in the game.

My Cybil )
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This game is beautiful; however;

I am stuck in the dark, in the woods, with only a flashlight, and no sense for direction. I have been killed about 15 motherfucking times trying to run through this motherfucker with no sense that I am getting closer to a victory. I have to retry from the beginning of the chase sequence every time.

This game does not play to my strengths.

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So, Shattered Memories is out today. Having had it pre-ordered for ages and ages I am soooo excited to go pick it up after work (before D&D assuming we go).

We have taken tomorrow off to play it, and will be putting a blackout curtain in our room for effect. I may end up posting our thoughts during breaks in play. LJ-cut so no one who doesn't want to be spoiled will be.

I have a theory going back a few months, and am anxious to see if it's correct. David's thoughts are going in a different direction, so we'll see who's right. Glad he's excited to play too, since the parts that aren't RUN FOR YOUR LIEF! are pretty straight up point and click puzzly, and he's got a different approach to those than me. You know what they say about 2 heads.

I've avoided spoilers (though I listened to the soundtrack) so it should all be pretty new to me. Can't wait.

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Those of you who know me well know that historically, MMORPGs and I don't get along. After trying several different ones, most notably Final Fantasy XI and Matrix Online I was pretty much willing to say that I just don't like them as a genre.

However, a bunch of my IRL friends (and some OL ones) are hardcore WOW enthusiasts, to the point where I know a *lot* about the game considering I'm a non-player. Well, now that I have the internet at home I decided to give Warcraft, like Satan, a fair shot at my soul. The clincher was I found out that they sell subscription cards, presumably so little Timmy and I can go behind our mothers backs about how much we spend on the game, eh?

So I downloaded the 10 day free trial from their website and rolled up a character.

Some of you probably would guess that I'd play a caster class, given my IRL and novel preferences, however I *hate* classes that can't solo well, and spell management is a fucking pain in my ass. When it comes to video games my real preference is to run right up to something and BASH IT REPEATEDLY UNTIL IT DIES. People who've watched me play Halo, COD or Mass Effect know that I do this *even in shooting games*.

So I picked a Warrior to start with. A Troll Warrior specifically. After a few hours of play, I googled this combination looking for tips, and found out that it is probably the least played race/class combination in the game. LOL! Well, my strange troll warrior is a boy, and his name is Jittok. He doesn't have much of a character concept right now, but I'm thinking he's some kind of badass bounty-hunter/mercenary, like the blue lovechild of Boba Fett and Han Solo with a Jamaican accent and a fear of Shellfish. Yes,a fear of Shellfish. More on that in a minute.

Okay, so I started the game and it endeared itself to me right away by not dropping me in the middle of the most god-damned crowded town on the planet- unlike FFXI. I started in a large but sparsely populated n00b training area and ran the beginner quests for about an hour.

Mostly this was going pretty well. Jittok was good at smashing the things I wanted smashed, and equally good at not dying. The controls are pretty easy to understand, and the NPCs generally gave enough information.

I was level 5 when IT happened. I was exploring the n00b area, the Valley of Trials, toward the edges looking for some scorpion dood (a named one, not one of the random ones around the valley) for a quest. I found a place called 'HIDDEN PATH'. Cool, right?


The hidden path was on top of a cliff, which I promptly in my total ignorance of basic WALKING SKILLZ *fell off of* and into the sea. This in itself wasn't a problem. I found a new area, cool! But as I was trying to get to shore and get my bearings of where I was:

A HORRIBLE LOBSTER-THING ROSE FROM THE DEEP and killed Jittok in two hits.

Thus, I died for the first time. Kind of annoying, but not horrible. I ran back to my body.

I came back to life, only to promptly be killed a SECOND time by the same horrible lobster. It happened so fast I couldn't even see what the damned thing was called.

I ran back again. It killed me again.

This happened like 5 times before I finally said fuck it and let the Spirit Healer raise me over in the Valley where I wouldn't immediately die. I probably should have done this in the first place, because at that point it turned out that my weapon had weakened so much that it broke. GAH. Well, I didn't at that point know you could get stuff repaired so, after 15 minutes of wandering around trying to find someone who would sell me a new axe, I bought a new one. This turned out to be an upgrade anyway, so no biggie.

Honestly, the whole death by lobster thing wasn't that horrible, since unlike FFXI you don't lose experience every time you die. No de-leveling! Just some repair costs, and I had enough money. So really, the whole incident gets tossed in the pretty funny category, and Jittok now has a horrible fear of shell-fish.

A little bit after this debacle I was killing horrible goblin-things (technically 'Vile Familiars') in a cave at level 5 when I got PMed by some higer-levelish guy who was about to roll a new character (a priest) and wanted to hang around and keep him from dying. (That is exactly why I rolled a warrior, I would *hate* that.) I was just finishing my quest, and it sounded fun, so I did.

The guy rolled his priest and we ran around slaughtering stuff. He was a bit impulsive and it was sometimes frustrating the way he charged ahead into enemies before I had a chance to re-orient myself, but it was fun, and he helped me find that scorpion thing I needed to kill.

We stuck together until we got out of the Valley of Trials and headed to the first real village, Shinjuku, or Sudoku, or... um.. Sen'Jin? I think it was that last one.

At which point it was like 11 pm and I logged off and went to bed.

That was my first play of WOW, and it was enough of a fun experience that I didn't immediately delete the trial. This was not the case with Matrix Online or City of Villains. On the other hand I ended up playing FFXI for like a month and a half but I remember that one being a HELL of a lot more frustrating that WOW seems to be.

I played more last night, and Jittok is now up to level nine. I won't bore you with all the details of my n00b-play, but let me say its been mostly fetch-quests, straight-forward go kill this many X and (unfortunately) Twenty Bear Asses quests.

But oddly enough, I'm enjoying it. I can't really put my finger on how it is qualitatively different than the other MMOs I've tried but it seems less frustrating in general. One thing is definitely the no losing experience thing. Another might be that its less linear than other games I've played, even at this early level. I had between 4 and 10 different quests running at the same time, and if one got to frustrating I could just ditch and go do another quest for a while, or just kill pigs.

I'm not saying it definitely has me hooked yet, but I'm not ready to stop playing. I think the biggest thing it has going for it is its total failure to alienate me as a player yet.


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