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Silent Hill x Labyrinth by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART

Does this mean that Sarah actually smothered Toby with a pillow?

James as Sarah
Maria as Jareth
Mosters as Dancers/Goblins
The Town as The Labyrinth
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Willow's an old fancharacter/Mary-Sue of mine, and still one of my favorites. She originated on a loooong car ride when I was about 14/15, and accumulated personality, backstory, and (much to my chagrin) an incestuous relationship along the way.

Willow is the daughter of Lillian Kintobor (sister of Julian and Colin). Lilly ran off with a Mobian Raccoon man, much to her family’s displeasure, and Willow was the inevitable result. Shortly after Willow’s birth her mother succumbed to a Mobian illness she had no immunity to, and the father, not wishing to BE a father, especially of such a half-breed, sent her to the capital to be raised by uncle Julian.

An angry genius, even at 8 years old, Willow was pissed when her Uncle and cousin Snively didn’t include her in their plans of world domination. Out of spite she fled, and rescued the next person in line for the Roboticizer on her way out. Young Calico, the albino fox, had just witnessed the transformation of her elder brother, and only family member, and went mad, unable to accept and mesh with reality any longer. Fortunately for Willow, Cali was good with a wrench, something the half-mobian just wasn’t cut out for, and together they built a secret base under the burgeoning Robotropolis, running occasional raids against Robotnik. Willow’s eventual goal was to take over Robotropolis for herself.

Willow, like other members of her family, is both a genius, and totally insane (and also a fat red-head XD). She’s vain, ruthless, aggressive, selfish, and quite often rather foolhardy. She’s extremely lazy and tends to get very drunk in response to stress, or boredom. That said, she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to programming and computer, and especially to bio-engineering, her specialty, though she rarely gets to practice. She entered the field hoping to be able to get rid of her mobian features, which she detests, and wishes she was pure overlander. When it comes to mechanical engineering however, she’s pretty much lost, which is why she keeps Calico around, to do what she considers “the grunt work”.

Growing up in near isolation with her crazed roommate, Willow developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with the only other person she saw on a recurring basis, her cousin Snively. The two engaged in a protracted battle of the wits over the years, Willow attempting to get through his security, and him attempting to turn it back on her. Snively knows where her underground base is located, but has never given it up to their Uncle, since he occasionally used it as his own hidey-hole when things got too unpleasant. Calico is too mad to really wonder about this strange enemy/roommate relationship. The relationship took a turn for the disgusting when Willow hit her late teen years. To call what they became “lovers” is much too charitable. Sex and “romance” for them is just as much a game of dominance and one-upsmanship as their battle over security. However, they do care for one another, in an extremely twisted way.

Willow’s timeline parts ways with the official Archie Comics back when the Overlanders’ ship had crashed in Robotropolis, and the disease was turning them into motionless metal. Willow, having discovered what was happening created an inoculation, and Snively took this, rather than becoming voluntarily robotisized and “moved in” officially with Willow and Cali.

The ultimate goal is still to take over the world.


Jul. 5th, 2010 11:01 pm
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So, Linkara's "review" show is becoming less review, and more narrative self-indulgence, which, honestly, I wouldn't mind since I like him so much, but it makes me want my OWN self indulgent vlog series. :/

Alan Wake

Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:42 am
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Two weeks ago I played a game called Alan Wake that had pretty much just come out. I've spent the last weeks kinda chewing it over in my mind and deciding what to say about it.

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that I wasn't one of those people who'd been following the game's development for years. I'd probably heard about it somewhere along the line, but it wasn't on my radar until Yahtzee ripped the game a new on on Zero Punctuation. Wading through all of his vitriol, it actually seemed like a game I'd like, so I wend and looked up some info about it. It became clear that I NEEDED that game. I had it that evening.

I don't usually play games in one sitting. Alan Wake I powered through in 2 days in which I did 2 things; play Alan Wake and sleep.

There was nothing about the game that didn't utterly entrance me. Unlike Silent Hill, it didn't utterly terrify me, but the atmosphere was suffused with this creepy *weirdness* that I just thoroughly enjoyed. Yahtzee was right about one thing; the game really does preform pretty vigorous fellatio on Stephen King. But I *liked that*. XD Probably because King is probably my most admired author.

The recaps that Yahtzee had a problem with are because the game is deliberately structured as a TV miniseries; it hits the notes exactly rigtht. Its like you're watching it on the Sci-Fi network. (Since its a miniseries, not a made for TV movie, this is meant as a compliment.)

Yes, the game is linear, and I understand how that disappoints people who'd been following the development and looked forward to it as a sandbox game. However, it *works* in its linearity. Not only does it help the narrative stay coherent and tight, but it also means no wandering around for three hours trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing to progress. I SUCK at video games (especially ones involving shooting) and I didn't once have to consult an FAQ on how to continue.

They managed to make the gunplay fun and intuitive to me, which means any veteran FPS player will probably find it childishly simple, but I don't care, because I found it so refreshingly fun to play. Yeah, I still died quite a few times, on the easiest setting, but never so many times in one spot that I got pissed off or wanted to stop playing.

The story however, is the real gem. I can't say too much about it without spoiling it, but it's pitch-perfect. It's extremely meta and mind-screwy. And awesome. I mean seriously, you play as a writer in a nightmare little Maine town, finding manuscript pages that you don't remember writing, that describe what's happening to you. And it GETS WEIRDER. Even if the gameplay sucked (which it doesn't) I would recommend this to any fan of the genre, (or any fan of writing) simply on merit of the story alone.

Speaking of things I would recommend Alan Wake soley on the merits of; the soundtrack. Seriously. Talk about pitch perfect.

Look... just. Just play this game, okay? Or watch a let's play, or something. I'm serious. Its like 15 hours if you suck at it. That's not a waste, that's an *investment*.


PS: Oh, and if you're one of those people who won't play a game unless its graphics give you a blow job, THIS GAME'S GRAPHICS GAVE ME A BLOW JOB, OKAY? Just PLAY IT.
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ARGGH. The "Nostalgia Chick" makes me SO ANGRY!!! Arghhjasdkhdbasjl

On the other hand Linkara has a pleasant singing voice. :)

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Mordax and Bunny and David went to an old toy show thingy sale place today! They had lots of things like old robots and race cars and toy cowboy guns and Star Wars stuff. But Bunny was hoping they would have My Little Ponies and they did! Well, only one table had ponies; he said he only brought them because his daughter wanted him to throw them out! :( :( :( That made Bunny sad. Why would people want to get rid of ponies?? But the man was selling all of the ponies for just ten dollars for all! So Bunny was allowed to buy a whole box of ponies! :D :D :D

Bunny only had one pony before, and now she has lots! The box had 8 big ponies, and one little pony, and 3 little ponies with plastic tales and 3 little plastic pony figures! That is lots of ponies and they are all really pretty and cute, but Bunny doesn't know their names so Bunny will look them up! The box also had a little pony kitchen and beds and table and bookshelf AND A PONY CART! Bunny has never had pony accessories before. :)

The girl did not take very good care of her ponies, all the manes and tales were all tangled up. Bunny brushed them out, and now most of them are nice, but some of them are really frizzy and messed up. Does Reader know how to unfrizz doll/pony hair! Please tell Bunny how!

So Bunny took a bunch of pictures of her new ponies. There are a lot, so Reader can see this one now, and click if Reader wants to see a big picture of each pony!

Please click here to see Bunny's ponies. )
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I finally got the pics off my camera from Toracon, and well, I don't much feel like uploading them, but here's one of me as a Rocket Grunt menacing a random group of Pokémon cosplayers.

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Ben is my favorite character on LOST but I never felt more connected to him than at this moment in that penultimate episode. Mild mannered school-teacher Ben has just received a jolt of the memories of his past self/alternate life, and is left reeling, trying to make sense of it. He saw a different man- who he'd be in different circumstances; who he HAD been; darker- cunning ruthless; and is trying to reconcile it with himself. Trying to decide what it means if he believes it. He looks at his face in the mirror, trying to see himself in it.

I've been there.

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I love Genius the Transgression with the fiery burning power of a thousand giant suns, but dear gods, rereading it does NOT help me time-wise, project-wise or sanity-wise.
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Saban has purchased Power Rangers back from Disney.

Clearly Linkara must be responsible.

The good news? More Power Rangers with the feel of the old series.

The ban news? No Power Rangers appearances in Kingdom Hearts. ;)

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Link to the post at SH on LJ

The first one was decent, but I don't really have high hopes for this. I'm not miserable about it, and I'm willing to be pleasantly surpised, but...


Article text under cut for linkphobic. )


May. 8th, 2010 11:20 am
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So, there's a new big ARG/Viral Marketing campaign starting up that I'm excited about.

This one is for JJ Abrams new movie "Super 8", which is set in the 70s and about aliens, the trailer for which is running before Iron Man 2.

I'm not really interested in the film itself, but big budget ARGs always have something to bring to the table with their cash-reserves that grass roots games can't manage. Plus, an ARG on a national scale always has a bigger community, which is nice.

If you're interested, you can read the dissection so far here at UF.

There's only one site involved so far and it appears to be a glorified countdown, but it's pretty intriguing and worth checking out.

-"Detective" D
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Every time I watch one of Linkara's videos, I get closer and closer to wanting to eat him.

Dr. Linksano especially.

This can not be healthy.

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 Having read up on recent Sonic the Hedgehog comic events (in the years since I stopped reading) the only way I can respond is to stare dumbfounded and say: Wait, what?"

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  • Had terrible insomnia last night. Its really a seasonal thing for us; though I think I'm the most affected. Late spring/summer just seems to keep me awake all night. Feels like my skin is full of electricity. I wouldn't mind not sleeping if I didn't feel so damned TIRED, ya know?
  • A nice surprise this morning; in addition to wajas I'm a member of the pet site Aywas, although I don't play very often. I logged in just for kicks today, and found that I'd been randomly awarded a Blue Custom Orb, the equivalent of a Silver Token on wajas, and worth quite a bit. Aywas customs are different from wajas, in that you actually get to design the markings and accessories yourself, so no pressure, right? XD
  • Its no sooner that you meet someone new than they move away... Ah well. We'll always have the internet. XD
  • I have like 3000+ MP3s on my computer. So why does Winamp always play the same 75-100 when I have it on shuffle? It's supposed to be RANDOM! Arghh! t does his all the time, and it's driving me nuts. I have switched to a new music player out of desperation, and I am hoping it will fix this. So far "Evil Player" is living up to its recommendation; it seems way more random on shuffle. The problem is it doesn't play my WMAs, but I can just convert those.
  • Oh, Linkara, I want to steal you and keep you in a jar for my personal amusement. History of the Power Rangers has reminded me how ANGRY I was when they tried to replace Kimberly with Kat. It was bad enough that she left the show, but then the tried to make Kat Tommy's new love interest? Fuck that! Tommy/Kim was my second ever OTP, right after Rogue/Gambit. (David: I must interject here; I didn't have nearly the feelings Mordax has for Kimberly, but I'd meet Tommy at Ernie's Juice Bar any day of the week. ^_^) Also, I might end up doing some Lord Zedd fanart. Hehehehe.
ETA: Aaand... there's not an LJ group for insomniacs? WTF?
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A long time ago I was one of the main authors in a shared fanfiction universe for the Matrix.

I left my characters in a really dire situation when I quit, and its haunted me for quite some time.

I finally went back, and gave them an ending.



Ooh, ohh! Now I can say it! THIS Vincent!


ETA: *facepalm* I accidentally uploaded it onto the wrong account initially,. *sigh* I'm an idiot.

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So you've got your character's right? And for some reason the capricious winds of fate have yanked them from their lives, and put them in another world. Their memories dormant, their powers sealed, their bodies totally unlike what they were before. Then, they start to remember who they were, and connect with one another.

Wait a minute, that sounds kinda familiar, don't it?
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I was holding off on posting this until I could get pics up, but I still can't find my goddam motherfucking shitty mini usb cable to get them off my camera.

So, report now, pics later.

Toracon 2010 (Saturday) started for us at 8 a.m. with 2 hours of standing in line. In fairness, this would have been the outcome no matter when we got there, and even if we had preordered. Once registration actually started, at 9, the line moved along steadily, if not as quickly as I’d have liked. But hey, it was a long line and they only had like, 5 people handling registrations (and 5 handling pre-reg).

Billy West was supposed to be at the Con, but sadly, he had plane difficulties, and all of his Saturday events were cancelled. Sad. :(

We didn’t miss anything with all the line-standing, however, getting in at 10, when things were just warming up. We headed over to check out the freshly opened Artist Alley and Vendor room. Artist Alley was the usual mix of prints, stickers, plushies and kitty ears, etc. None of the tables really stood out to me (as horrible or spectacular) but one little table was pretty dear to my heart: they got stuck in the very back corner of the room where a dead end was. The traffic jam was terrible! To be fair, they probably benefitted from it in the end. At the very least at the end of the day they sold out of all of the little bells on ribbons they’d had on our first peek into the room, and most of their ears and tails as well. There was also a booth selling little clay figurines of anime characters; those were pretty cute, too.

The Vendor room seemed rather chaotically put together this year, and it was hard to navigate or establish a flow of traffic. It didn’t help that it was in the same large hall as Artist Alley, separated by a thin curtain that naturally had to be guarded at all times to prevent people from going through it. That said, the vendor stalls seemed larger this year, and there were definitely a couple of new sellers, which was nice. I usually don’t buy things in the vendor room, but in this case I was persuaded to get a fan, and also bought some pocky to break a five and go back and get a bell-on-ribbon. XD

I then attended one of the first panels/discussions of the day, one on starting your own webcomics. It was informative in a very 101 way (well, it Waaas for beginners) and the speakers went over basic stuff about the different kinds of webcomics, where to get hosting, how to advertise, etc. No real rocket science, but some good tips, and one of the speakers, Adam Smithee (of Apple of Discord) was quite amusing to listen to. I would have liked to attend his later panel on how NOT to write a webcomic, but it was on Sunday, unfortunately.

After that we had a quick lunch of some truly bland subs in the RIT cafeteria. Food has always been one of the problems of Toracon. With a hotel there’s often a restaurant on site, or fast food within walking distance, but food on campus is REALLLY limited. They should really invite weenie-cart hot-dog vendors of something. One thing I have to say is a thing of mine, is seeing people in cosplay eat while dressed up. I donno, it really amuses me to see Naruto chowing down on a slice of pizza or something. Heh.

Our brief lunch gave us plenty of time to get in line for the Anime Human Chess Match in the auditorium. I was really excited for it, because the past two years I’d missed it entirely. We had about a half an hour’s wait, but were up front when they started letting people in and got FANTASTIC seats, right up by the stage. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the whole thing was hilarious. Not only were the costumes great, but it seemed everyone had really rehearsed well and for a long time. The choreography was good, and they really made the best out of some of the participant’s martial arts/acrobatic skills. The guy playing Sheik was especially brilliant. The whole thing was very funny, with decent acting from amateurs, and it didn’t seem to drag or overstay its welcome. Having an extremely creepy Pedobear as the villain was a great move, too. Heh. The one technical hitch, I think, was sometimes the music/sfx would get cut off a little abruptly, but it wasn’t too bad.

Next I was planning on seeing the AMV contest, but it wouldn’t start for a while, so I went and got a seat in the room beforehand, inadvertently catching the second half of the Vocaloid panel. (Some other people had the same idea XD.) The guy in charge of the panel seemed to really know his stuff, he did a question and answer session, which I’m sure would have been very helpful for those who wanted to do volcaloid. It was neat seeing a projection on the software too; I had never quite realized how powerful it was.

The AMV contest started up thankfully with very little technical difficulties. There are always some, but this year the start of the contest was only delayed a few minutes while they rebooted the laptop, and there were absolutely no hitches once the videos got started. I adore AMVs and the contest had some real talent. (I’m thinking about entering next year.) My favorite video was a Gurren Lagann one in the Drama category to Kamelot’s “Forever”, which was really, physically moving, and the song is both fantastic, and REALLY appropriate to the anime. Also I was surprised, because the two Code Geass videos in the competition were actually pretty good, and its an anime I’ve never seen, and am prejudiced against, so kudos to the editors who were able to get me past that and into their videos. The highlight of the comedy portion was definitely “Shoryuken? Sure you can!” a multi-anime video to some song I don’t know that sampled “Kung fu fighting”, but anyway, the video was of various anime characters playing fighting video games. It was great.

The cosplay contest was next, and I wasn’t about to leave the AMVs early to get back into the crowded auditorium, so I just stayed put for the simulcast. Well, I tried to stay put; they kicked us out for a few minute to do something with the tech, I guess. The must have botched it, because the simulcast started late, and they had to repeat the walk-on portion of the contest for our benefit. That was fine. The real travesty of the show however was the skit/talent portion. …it…it was just bad. I don’t like to put people down for doing what they love, but sweet merciful Shabrunigdo, they are ALL AWFUL. *facepalm* Seriously, if you’re going to do a dance thing, practice it more than once. And they were ALL dancing. There was only one actual skit, and it was… kinda surreal; it was about a ballet instructor… I think. Anyway, the less said about the whole thing, the better. The people with the best costumes won in the end anyway. The Team Fortress 2 crew was fantastic, and was rewarded accordingly, but best in show went to this girl who had an AMAZING recreation of the Hatter’s costume from TB’s Alice. It was… absolutely stunning. The girl herself was possessed of an unexpected quiet dignity as well, and even maintained it when the audience called for the dreaded “Futterwacken” dance, which she then preformed, as closely as humanly possible, in dignified silence. It was great. She gets my thumbs up.

It was 8:30 at that point, and I headed over to a panel I’d been planning to attend all day, not because I was super into it, but because it was really the only thing going on at the time besides the concert which we really had no interest in. This was ‘The History of Giant Mecha in anime’. Unfortunately, after I got there, I ended up (with the rest of the attendees) waiting, and waiting and waiting. The guy who was supposed to lecture actually NEVER showed up. However, just as we were giving up, 25 minutes into our time slot, Adam Smithee, the guy from the webcomic panel (who had a different Mecha panel on Sunday) showed up, and volunteered to talk. This turned out to be a FANTASTIC turn of events. The guy really knew his stuff, and was about 50x funnier than he was that morning. He really got me into it, and I’ve never been a fan of giant mecha, but now I have a list of like four shows I want to see. It was great, and a good note to end the day on.

I would have loved to have stayed for the late-night panels and discussions, but sadly, the person I’d come with had to work the next morning, and I would have to get up at 8:30 myself to go to the Doll show with my grandma.

All in all, I really think we did Toracon right this year. Yeah, there were a few hitches, but I mostly got to be where I wanted to be, and see what I wanted to see. I’ll definitely be coming back for my fourth year in a row next year.


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