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Some of you know what a big ARG nerd I am. Well, I've been following the nascent campaign surrounding JJA's upcoming alien flick, "Super 8".

Weeks ago we players found an in-game newspaper ad/coupon for "Rocket Poppeteers", an astronaut club surrounding an imaginary brand of Rocket Pops desserts, and we all sent them to the address, along with our desired "astronaut name".

Today, the long awaited reply came.

Interestingly when I sent my astronaut name in it was "SGT. Starborn" (I couldn't fit the whole thing.) My letter (hand addressed) came back to "Sergeant Starborn". If these are meant to be log ins, I wonder which I'll have to use?

Also, sergeant being spelled correctly (as opposed to someone else who got their letter misspelled, when they had spelled it correctly) and the vastly different handwriting proves that multiple abused Paramount interns had to work on this project!

Hoping the arrival of these letters kicks off some interesting in-game interaction

Click for larger


ETA: Well, it turns out it did use it as a login, and it was as confusing as I predicted. SGT. allcaps with period.
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Reading around on the SHH forum, I found out about an interesting japanese urban legend. The things seem to spread like wildfire over there, don't they? But this was one I hadn't heard, and it kinda creeped me out, so I wanted to share it.

I did NOT write or transcribe this. It was found on the net, and describes several different versions of a Japanese urban legend.

Red Cloak (Aka Manto), also known as Red Mantle, Red Vest or Red Cape, is a Japanese ghost who haunts the girls’ bathroom. He appears, wearing a red cloak and a white mask and is said to be so charming that girls are unable to resist him. Red Cloak hides in the last stall of the girls’ toilet and when you enter, he steps out and asks “Which do you prefer, Red Cloak or Blue Cloak?” If you say Red, he slits your throat or chops off your head and the blood flows down your back, making it look like you’re wearing a red cloak. If you say Blue, he grabs you by the neck and chokes you until your face turns blue and you die of suffocation. Don’t even think about asking for a third color. If you do, the floor will open up beneath you and pale white hands will reach up and drag you down to hell.

One school ghost story tells of a young girl who heard a voice coming from the toilet next to her saying “Shall we put on the red vest?” She got scared and ran away with her jeans around her ankles. She told her teacher what she had heard and the police were called. A police woman went into the bathroom while her male partner waited outside. She heard the same voice asking “Shall we put on the red vest?” The police man, listening at the door, heard her answer “OK. Put it on!” Suddenly a loud scream was heard, followed by a thump. When the partner opened the bathroom door, he found the police woman lying dead on the floor. Her head had been cut off and the blood on her clothes made it look like she was wearing a red vest.

In Japanese, this murderous ghost is known variously as “Aka manto”, “Ao manto” or “Aka hanten, Ao hanten”. Some people say that, years ago, Red Cloak was a young man who was so handsome that every girl immediately fell in love with him. He was so awesomely beautiful that girls would faint whenever he looked at them. His beauty was so overwhelming that he had to hide his face behind a white mask. At some point, he kidnapped a beautiful young girl and she was never seen again. In another version of the story, he is called “Red Mantle” or “Red Cape”. He lurks in the toilets and asks you if you want a red cape. If you say yes, he rips off your top and tears the skin off your back. In yet another version of the legend, he is called “Red Paper, Blue Paper” (Akai Kami, Aoi kami). Girls who go into the bathroom, hear a voice coming from the last stall. It asks “Do you want red paper or blue paper?” To answer red means a bloody death by being skinned alive. To answer blue means to have all the blood drained out of the body. Still more versions involve a bloody hand emerging from the toilet and trying to pull you in, blood raining down from the ceiling, being drowned in blood and having disembodied white hands grabbing you and choking you to death. In the funniest version, if you answer “Yellow” he will force your head down the toilet and make you smell pee. Yuck!
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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I didn't really believe it, so I ran several of our pieces of writing each through the thing. The results were 100% for David, and mostly consistent for me (I tend to vary my style a bit).


Shamefully, I haven't actually read any of Palahniuk's work.

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Twinkle? Really? That's not a name for a weapon, it's a name for one of Bunny's ponies!

And I thought the character was stupid *before* I knew that fact. Sheez.


Alan Wake

Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:42 am
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Two weeks ago I played a game called Alan Wake that had pretty much just come out. I've spent the last weeks kinda chewing it over in my mind and deciding what to say about it.

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that I wasn't one of those people who'd been following the game's development for years. I'd probably heard about it somewhere along the line, but it wasn't on my radar until Yahtzee ripped the game a new on on Zero Punctuation. Wading through all of his vitriol, it actually seemed like a game I'd like, so I wend and looked up some info about it. It became clear that I NEEDED that game. I had it that evening.

I don't usually play games in one sitting. Alan Wake I powered through in 2 days in which I did 2 things; play Alan Wake and sleep.

There was nothing about the game that didn't utterly entrance me. Unlike Silent Hill, it didn't utterly terrify me, but the atmosphere was suffused with this creepy *weirdness* that I just thoroughly enjoyed. Yahtzee was right about one thing; the game really does preform pretty vigorous fellatio on Stephen King. But I *liked that*. XD Probably because King is probably my most admired author.

The recaps that Yahtzee had a problem with are because the game is deliberately structured as a TV miniseries; it hits the notes exactly rigtht. Its like you're watching it on the Sci-Fi network. (Since its a miniseries, not a made for TV movie, this is meant as a compliment.)

Yes, the game is linear, and I understand how that disappoints people who'd been following the development and looked forward to it as a sandbox game. However, it *works* in its linearity. Not only does it help the narrative stay coherent and tight, but it also means no wandering around for three hours trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing to progress. I SUCK at video games (especially ones involving shooting) and I didn't once have to consult an FAQ on how to continue.

They managed to make the gunplay fun and intuitive to me, which means any veteran FPS player will probably find it childishly simple, but I don't care, because I found it so refreshingly fun to play. Yeah, I still died quite a few times, on the easiest setting, but never so many times in one spot that I got pissed off or wanted to stop playing.

The story however, is the real gem. I can't say too much about it without spoiling it, but it's pitch-perfect. It's extremely meta and mind-screwy. And awesome. I mean seriously, you play as a writer in a nightmare little Maine town, finding manuscript pages that you don't remember writing, that describe what's happening to you. And it GETS WEIRDER. Even if the gameplay sucked (which it doesn't) I would recommend this to any fan of the genre, (or any fan of writing) simply on merit of the story alone.

Speaking of things I would recommend Alan Wake soley on the merits of; the soundtrack. Seriously. Talk about pitch perfect.

Look... just. Just play this game, okay? Or watch a let's play, or something. I'm serious. Its like 15 hours if you suck at it. That's not a waste, that's an *investment*.


PS: Oh, and if you're one of those people who won't play a game unless its graphics give you a blow job, THIS GAME'S GRAPHICS GAVE ME A BLOW JOB, OKAY? Just PLAY IT.

E3 so far

Jun. 16th, 2010 03:31 pm
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The new Zelda game.. I am super-hyped for that. It is stunning. :D

Really looking forward to the Silent Hill announcement later today.

What are you guys hyped about re: E3?

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I am tired, tired, TIRED of people imagining the blackest, most obscene horrors they can come up with and justifying them under the flimsy premise that the darker something is the closer it is to reality.

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Because there aren't enough hours in the day, or days in the week to get what we want/need to get done.

Here's what we (barely) manage to get done every week, aside from miscellany: Work job (biggest time sink aside from sleep). Spend night at boyfriend's house. Hang out with best friend. Hang out with other best friend. Play Wajas. Play weekly D&D game. Update Livejournal. Draw personal Art. Participate in ongoing ARG. Get in some reading before bed.

And we'd like to add: 2nd weekly Tabletop RP game. Play World of Warcraft. Draw art project art. Draw Webcomic. Participate in Play by Post RP.

Not to mention the things we'd do but can't find a place to jam in and so have cut out almost entirely: watch TV and Play Video Games.

Oh, and "get a good night's sleep".

And these are only the things we're including because they've got a hope of making it onto the list. There's a whole host of others, if only there was more time.

We just don't have the time to give more than a handful of these things they time they need/deserve, but none of us are willing to give up our pet  projects for the sake of anyone else's.

Oh, and not to mention our parents  get mad at me when we don't spend sufficiently "quality time" at home or doing things with them.
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Well, neither of us usually answers these questions, but this one seemed to be too good to pass up,

Our birth name "Greer" is the name we've both had to answer to since childhood, obviously. As such, while it applies to both of us, neither really "owns" it. We've come to think of "Greer" as a gestalt entity; the two of us functioning together. The person that those who know us as one person see.

As a person who is male, but female-bodied, I very much appreciate the androgyny inherent in the name. I'm sure people who see it written down without meeting me have no idea what gender to expect. On the otherhand, as above, it's not really *my* name. I did, a number of years ago, go searching for a name to call my own. I tried on a few, but I ended up with David, which I really think expresses my inner self. Traditional, solid, unassuming, etc. A lot of trasgendered guys that I'm familiar with pick very 'trendy' and modern names, which I suppose is nice, but it feels a biut cliche and "not me". I'm not an Aidan or a Cameron. Maybe an Arthur or a James, but really, I think I settled on my ideal name long ago.


I like names. I collect them like old ladies with Precious Moments statues. I have a ton; and Im not particularly fond of "Greer" its just so plain and unimpressive. But I already talked about my name a while ago here

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So I did it. Swallowed my anxiety about it, and went and got a professional haircut for the first time in over a decade.

And I am so glad I did. Not only does it look great (in my opinion) but its great to just have the weight of it "off my shoulders" but literally and metaphorically.

Photobucket Photobucket

Click for larger
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Some art I did of an older (highschool age-ish) Daisuke. The lineart's a few weeks old, but I just finished coloring it today.

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Saban has purchased Power Rangers back from Disney.

Clearly Linkara must be responsible.

The good news? More Power Rangers with the feel of the old series.

The ban news? No Power Rangers appearances in Kingdom Hearts. ;)

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Link to the post at SH on LJ

The first one was decent, but I don't really have high hopes for this. I'm not miserable about it, and I'm willing to be pleasantly surpised, but...


Article text under cut for linkphobic. )
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Hi guys. Thank you for all the love and support, it really helps.

I'm told she's awake now, but on life support. Unfortunately, since she's across the US from us, all of our info is filtered through multiple relatives in a heinous game of telephone. But what I'm hear is she's stable for the moment.

Thanks again, everyone.



May. 8th, 2010 11:20 am
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So, there's a new big ARG/Viral Marketing campaign starting up that I'm excited about.

This one is for JJ Abrams new movie "Super 8", which is set in the 70s and about aliens, the trailer for which is running before Iron Man 2.

I'm not really interested in the film itself, but big budget ARGs always have something to bring to the table with their cash-reserves that grass roots games can't manage. Plus, an ARG on a national scale always has a bigger community, which is nice.

If you're interested, you can read the dissection so far here at UF.

There's only one site involved so far and it appears to be a glorified countdown, but it's pretty intriguing and worth checking out.

-"Detective" D
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Finally found a place that delivers that actually makes subs I like! YEAH! Bacon=necessary ingredient of any sub.

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  • Had terrible insomnia last night. Its really a seasonal thing for us; though I think I'm the most affected. Late spring/summer just seems to keep me awake all night. Feels like my skin is full of electricity. I wouldn't mind not sleeping if I didn't feel so damned TIRED, ya know?
  • A nice surprise this morning; in addition to wajas I'm a member of the pet site Aywas, although I don't play very often. I logged in just for kicks today, and found that I'd been randomly awarded a Blue Custom Orb, the equivalent of a Silver Token on wajas, and worth quite a bit. Aywas customs are different from wajas, in that you actually get to design the markings and accessories yourself, so no pressure, right? XD
  • Its no sooner that you meet someone new than they move away... Ah well. We'll always have the internet. XD
  • I have like 3000+ MP3s on my computer. So why does Winamp always play the same 75-100 when I have it on shuffle? It's supposed to be RANDOM! Arghh! t does his all the time, and it's driving me nuts. I have switched to a new music player out of desperation, and I am hoping it will fix this. So far "Evil Player" is living up to its recommendation; it seems way more random on shuffle. The problem is it doesn't play my WMAs, but I can just convert those.
  • Oh, Linkara, I want to steal you and keep you in a jar for my personal amusement. History of the Power Rangers has reminded me how ANGRY I was when they tried to replace Kimberly with Kat. It was bad enough that she left the show, but then the tried to make Kat Tommy's new love interest? Fuck that! Tommy/Kim was my second ever OTP, right after Rogue/Gambit. (David: I must interject here; I didn't have nearly the feelings Mordax has for Kimberly, but I'd meet Tommy at Ernie's Juice Bar any day of the week. ^_^) Also, I might end up doing some Lord Zedd fanart. Hehehehe.
ETA: Aaand... there's not an LJ group for insomniacs? WTF?
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A long time ago I was one of the main authors in a shared fanfiction universe for the Matrix.

I left my characters in a really dire situation when I quit, and its haunted me for quite some time.

I finally went back, and gave them an ending.



Ooh, ohh! Now I can say it! THIS Vincent!


ETA: *facepalm* I accidentally uploaded it onto the wrong account initially,. *sigh* I'm an idiot.

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As the series is ending, LOST is getting more and more kin-relevant.


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