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More ponies came for Bunny in the mail! Yay! But Bunny's camera ran out of power and Bunny does not know where the charger is. :(

So just one pic now! :D

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Mordax and Bunny and David went to an old toy show thingy sale place today! They had lots of things like old robots and race cars and toy cowboy guns and Star Wars stuff. But Bunny was hoping they would have My Little Ponies and they did! Well, only one table had ponies; he said he only brought them because his daughter wanted him to throw them out! :( :( :( That made Bunny sad. Why would people want to get rid of ponies?? But the man was selling all of the ponies for just ten dollars for all! So Bunny was allowed to buy a whole box of ponies! :D :D :D

Bunny only had one pony before, and now she has lots! The box had 8 big ponies, and one little pony, and 3 little ponies with plastic tales and 3 little plastic pony figures! That is lots of ponies and they are all really pretty and cute, but Bunny doesn't know their names so Bunny will look them up! The box also had a little pony kitchen and beds and table and bookshelf AND A PONY CART! Bunny has never had pony accessories before. :)

The girl did not take very good care of her ponies, all the manes and tales were all tangled up. Bunny brushed them out, and now most of them are nice, but some of them are really frizzy and messed up. Does Reader know how to unfrizz doll/pony hair! Please tell Bunny how!

So Bunny took a bunch of pictures of her new ponies. There are a lot, so Reader can see this one now, and click if Reader wants to see a big picture of each pony!

Please click here to see Bunny's ponies. )
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Because there aren't enough hours in the day, or days in the week to get what we want/need to get done.

Here's what we (barely) manage to get done every week, aside from miscellany: Work job (biggest time sink aside from sleep). Spend night at boyfriend's house. Hang out with best friend. Hang out with other best friend. Play Wajas. Play weekly D&D game. Update Livejournal. Draw personal Art. Participate in ongoing ARG. Get in some reading before bed.

And we'd like to add: 2nd weekly Tabletop RP game. Play World of Warcraft. Draw art project art. Draw Webcomic. Participate in Play by Post RP.

Not to mention the things we'd do but can't find a place to jam in and so have cut out almost entirely: watch TV and Play Video Games.

Oh, and "get a good night's sleep".

And these are only the things we're including because they've got a hope of making it onto the list. There's a whole host of others, if only there was more time.

We just don't have the time to give more than a handful of these things they time they need/deserve, but none of us are willing to give up our pet  projects for the sake of anyone else's.

Oh, and not to mention our parents  get mad at me when we don't spend sufficiently "quality time" at home or doing things with them.
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Bunny spent the day drawing! Also, Bunny made an art account because Mordax did not want Bunny's art on her art account.

LejindaryBunny Caer Bears Styl by ~bunny-lejind on deviantART

If you want to see Bunny's two more picture you should click under the cut! )
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Bunny has been playing Robot Unicorn Attack but Bunny is not very good at it. It is very pretty and neat and makes Bunny want to watch Rainbow Brite. But Mordax says rainbow Brite will make Mordax ill. So Bunny will draw instead.

-Bunny ♥ &heartsl
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Even Bunny know "hydroplaning" is really forced rhyme in cartoon song. ^__^

-Bunny &hearts ♥
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Bunny has been watching the Care Bears movies all over again, yay! They are just as good as Bunny remembers, which is another yay! But Bunny is sad; Care Bears fandom is not as big as MLP fandom. :/ Oh well, drawings anyway! (Not now).

Bunny likes Secret Bear the best. ♥ ♥

~Bunny ♥


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