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Normal skin tones just... don't do it for me. :P

PFC Mekker by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART
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Shiloh: Hey, I don't want to sound rude but I think your avatar is a bit offensive and inappropriate for the younger kids on this site. As a mod, you're looking out for the site's best interests, and allowing kids to see that doesn't seem right.
Just my opinion though, you can ignore it if you want, you;re the mod. I'm just saying what I think, no harsh feelings. I just have younger siblings on this site and I'd rather they not see that.

Me: I'm sorry you don't like the image in my avatar. However, everyone on the site is required to be 13 years or older, and the owner of the site gave her stamp of approval on my bikini avatars quite some time ago. It's really not more than someone would see in a clothing catalog.

Shiloh:True, but the fact that the avatar looks lesbian could offend people. As I said before, if you're allowed to have it, fine, you're allowed to have it, doesn't mean people like it.

Me: I've actually gotten many complements from people who find my avatars (which are a man's head on a woman's body) quite humorous. Again, I'm sorry you find it offensive, however, as a non-heterosexual, I'm rather offended by your comment that people might not like it because it 'looks like a lesbian'.

Shiloh: Heterosexual or not, someone who is homosexual might find it offensive. Other than that, I'm not sure I have anything more to say on the matter, if you understand where I'm coming from, there shouldn't be any resentment on either side.

The Tag in Question.

ETA: http://overlord-mordax.livejournal.com/137990.html episode 1 for the unenlightened.
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Bunny spent the day drawing! Also, Bunny made an art account because Mordax did not want Bunny's art on her art account.

LejindaryBunny Caer Bears Styl by ~bunny-lejind on deviantART

If you want to see Bunny's two more picture you should click under the cut! )
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[Poll #1514570]
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Little bit of art I did based on the Jager doll I made. :)


Too Lazy

Dec. 7th, 2009 07:25 pm
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You know what David? I'm just too damn lazy. XD

Here's Casey; the main character of my Vampire project that will likely never get off the ground. (Same universe as Saint John.

Smoke Break by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART
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"Saint" John Mallory was an unhinged serial killer at the beginning of the 20th century. Then some asshole made him a vampire.

Pencil. 35 minutes. DeDraMo 6.

The Vampire's Kiss WIP by ~Greer-The-Raven on deviantART
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Its a bit old-meme but it should scare the kiddies. XD

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story behind this: hanging on /r/ some guy wanted a pic of Cosgrove from freakazoid hanging out with Spike of Cowboy Bebop. It was midnight, and I was bored.

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ith the news of Xelloss' new voice actor, I decided there needed to be fanart.

So I present to you, Xelloss Venture.

Golly, pop! )

I realized an interesting thing while watching my DVDs for Dean references. And that is the Venture Bros has no shading on any of the characters or foregrounds,, but the backgrounds are heavily shaded art pieces. :P
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adoptee thing I made.

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So, in the past month or so I have been getting a flood of trolling, and not very nice posts over at my deviantart account due to the so-called “Sarah Saga” posts that have been making their rounds of the internet- I’ll address that properly in my next post.

Anyway, my deviantart and a long, old rant is one of the first results on google for otakukin. So, every time a load of schmucks get curious, they get sent over my way.

This past barrage of trolls has been incredibly frustrating. Its what led me to privatize my old LJ posts (Julian later made them just friends only). I was sick and tired of dealing with people who

a) thought I was stupid

b) thought I was insane

and c) weren’t going to change their opinions no matter what I said to them.

Not only that, but they refused to deal with me as a person, treating me rather as a target upon which to focus their (ahem) skepticism of my beliefs, and those who share them.

Not only that, but they’re never content to go look at my website, even when I point it out, which leads to me, whenever someone manages to ask a polite question that I feel obligated to answer, reiterating once again the answer to a question I’ve been asked over nine effing thousand times.

Here are some of the trolls, and my responses to them:
This is largely in part to the so-called

Mokumokuren says:

And what if someone else comes up and says he/she was the Digimon Kaiser? Also I think you're bat shit insane.

responses and more idiocy under the cut )

And then there’s this guy (Rocketllama , who, by the way turned out to be Mr. Cthullu on my message boards, and is now banned), who thinks the best way to show his disdain for my beliefs is to write a 500 word essay on the subject. I think his most effective argument is when he calls me fat and insults my artwork.

You aren't the Digimon Emperor. There are no digimons, except on the TV and in the little tamagotchi ripoff thing. I'm sorry, but you aren't. You can't be what you aren't, especially if it isn't. Folks who believe they are what they aren't, when they clearly aren't, in looks, thoughts, deeds, habits etc get so indignant when someone tries to point out that you are so far outside of consensus reality that even people who think consensus reality isn't necessarily real reality think you are insane. You're delusional, you are not a character that never existed. Sure you can have your little theories based on your layman's misinterpretation of serious science, but if you explained your beliefs to a sincere and serious scientist; perhaps someone in particle physics or quantum physics (no string theorists plox) they would either laugh at you insane like, or just think you're a sad deluded little dupe. Lot's of physically unattractive women like yourself have managed to prove that they aren't their appearance, they don't get deluded. Sometimes they write about Bell Jars and put their heads in ovens, but Jesus, other than ruling the 'Digimons' and running a site that banned the only non-otakook who ever joined, admitted to being a sort of troll but still behaved civilly? Ha. Sad deluded little girl, wake up for your own sake. i'd say for God's sake, but he isn't real or doesn't care, I'd say for my sake, but I really don't care, but do it for yourself. Also, maybe instead of pretending that you're a cartoon character to feel better about yourself, might I suggest a salad? Jumping jacks? A Gym Membership?

And you're a lousy artist. You probably know that, but your colors are no good, you have no sense of proportion or perspective, your characters have misshapen faces, 'wongley' arms, and nobody has given a shit about The Slayers since the late 90s, if in fact anyone ever gave that much of a fuck about it anyway.

What is it with Otakin or hardcore anime fans and their love for the most mediocre filler series? Slayers is something you watch when you're Evangelion and Urotsokidoji tapes are out on loan or something. Seriously, get in touch with something that is closer to reality, take better care of yourself, if your self esteem goes up (and don't bs me and tell me it's not low) you might be able to do REAL things, like improve your art kills, draw things other than bad amine (sic) fanart, and pretending to be something that isn't real by anyone's standard except for a small group of (probably bad smelling and universally unattractive sad and lonely) people on the internet. Am I shallow? Fuck no, I'm not particularly pretty or handsome, despite what my girlfriend tells me. Yes, there is a lot more to life than looks, like smarts, which I fancy myself as having, but you, if you have any, are squandering them by trying to find more epic loserly ways to be lame than most people can even comprehend.

(my response)

a) if no one cares about Slayers why has a new series just debuted?

b) Eva is shit

c) y so srs?


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