Jul. 7th, 2010

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Twinkle? Really? That's not a name for a weapon, it's a name for one of Bunny's ponies!

And I thought the character was stupid *before* I knew that fact. Sheez.

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Willow's an old fancharacter/Mary-Sue of mine, and still one of my favorites. She originated on a loooong car ride when I was about 14/15, and accumulated personality, backstory, and (much to my chagrin) an incestuous relationship along the way.

Willow is the daughter of Lillian Kintobor (sister of Julian and Colin). Lilly ran off with a Mobian Raccoon man, much to her family’s displeasure, and Willow was the inevitable result. Shortly after Willow’s birth her mother succumbed to a Mobian illness she had no immunity to, and the father, not wishing to BE a father, especially of such a half-breed, sent her to the capital to be raised by uncle Julian.

An angry genius, even at 8 years old, Willow was pissed when her Uncle and cousin Snively didn’t include her in their plans of world domination. Out of spite she fled, and rescued the next person in line for the Roboticizer on her way out. Young Calico, the albino fox, had just witnessed the transformation of her elder brother, and only family member, and went mad, unable to accept and mesh with reality any longer. Fortunately for Willow, Cali was good with a wrench, something the half-mobian just wasn’t cut out for, and together they built a secret base under the burgeoning Robotropolis, running occasional raids against Robotnik. Willow’s eventual goal was to take over Robotropolis for herself.

Willow, like other members of her family, is both a genius, and totally insane (and also a fat red-head XD). She’s vain, ruthless, aggressive, selfish, and quite often rather foolhardy. She’s extremely lazy and tends to get very drunk in response to stress, or boredom. That said, she is absolutely brilliant when it comes to programming and computer, and especially to bio-engineering, her specialty, though she rarely gets to practice. She entered the field hoping to be able to get rid of her mobian features, which she detests, and wishes she was pure overlander. When it comes to mechanical engineering however, she’s pretty much lost, which is why she keeps Calico around, to do what she considers “the grunt work”.

Growing up in near isolation with her crazed roommate, Willow developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with the only other person she saw on a recurring basis, her cousin Snively. The two engaged in a protracted battle of the wits over the years, Willow attempting to get through his security, and him attempting to turn it back on her. Snively knows where her underground base is located, but has never given it up to their Uncle, since he occasionally used it as his own hidey-hole when things got too unpleasant. Calico is too mad to really wonder about this strange enemy/roommate relationship. The relationship took a turn for the disgusting when Willow hit her late teen years. To call what they became “lovers” is much too charitable. Sex and “romance” for them is just as much a game of dominance and one-upsmanship as their battle over security. However, they do care for one another, in an extremely twisted way.

Willow’s timeline parts ways with the official Archie Comics back when the Overlanders’ ship had crashed in Robotropolis, and the disease was turning them into motionless metal. Willow, having discovered what was happening created an inoculation, and Snively took this, rather than becoming voluntarily robotisized and “moved in” officially with Willow and Cali.

The ultimate goal is still to take over the world.


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