Jun. 7th, 2010

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Well, neither of us usually answers these questions, but this one seemed to be too good to pass up,

Our birth name "Greer" is the name we've both had to answer to since childhood, obviously. As such, while it applies to both of us, neither really "owns" it. We've come to think of "Greer" as a gestalt entity; the two of us functioning together. The person that those who know us as one person see.

As a person who is male, but female-bodied, I very much appreciate the androgyny inherent in the name. I'm sure people who see it written down without meeting me have no idea what gender to expect. On the otherhand, as above, it's not really *my* name. I did, a number of years ago, go searching for a name to call my own. I tried on a few, but I ended up with David, which I really think expresses my inner self. Traditional, solid, unassuming, etc. A lot of trasgendered guys that I'm familiar with pick very 'trendy' and modern names, which I suppose is nice, but it feels a biut cliche and "not me". I'm not an Aidan or a Cameron. Maybe an Arthur or a James, but really, I think I settled on my ideal name long ago.


I like names. I collect them like old ladies with Precious Moments statues. I have a ton; and Im not particularly fond of "Greer" its just so plain and unimpressive. But I already talked about my name a while ago here



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